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Landlord Tenant Law

Landlord and Tenant law is a specific area of law concerning the leasing of property. It is important to have a well written legal document, a lease, in these matters. A lease will specify the duties and promises of the landlord and tenant. Even with a lease, disputes can occur.

Attorney Beaulac is here to provide legal advice in creation of a lease and subsequent disputes should they arise. Landlords need to protect their property and investment. Tenants need to protect their right to a safe place to live. Beaulac Law will work to protect your interests in landlord and tenant relationships.

Attorney Beaulac can help you with...

Rental Property Dispute resolution:

Beaulac Law represents landlords and tenants and will first work to resolve landlord tenant matters through negotiation and, if necessary litigation. The following are examples of common landlord and tenant disputes.

Resolving repair issues under the lease:

Under a lease agreement, disputes will occur about the condition of the property or needed repairs. Repairs to heating system, water source, and dangerous conditions are essential to the tenant.

Return or withholding of tenant security deposit

At the end of a lease, the security deposit less any damages must be returned to the tenant. Disputes can arise when the money is not returned or when the cause or cost of damage is disputed.


Monadnock Region Eviction:

Evictions, removing the tenant from the property, can arise when the tenant over stays the lease or when the tenant is not fulfilling their duties under the lease agreement- like paying rent. There is a specific process under New Hampshire law that landlords must follow to ensure success in these actions.

Breach of lease by Landlord or Tenant

The landlord or the tenant may breach the provisions of the lease giving the other party a right to remedies for the breach. Beaulac Law can help you determine your options and the best course of action to take in these situations.


Monadnock Lease preparation or review:

Lease drafting is important to ensure all duties and promises are clarified and included. A well drafted lease will save money in the long run to avoid disputes in the future. In addition, prior to signing a lease, it is wise to have an attorney review and offer advice on the duties and promises contained within it.

Please contact Attorney Beaulac for your consultation on landlord and tenant actions.


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