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Civil Litigation

Beaulac Law is here to help you with your civil legal matters. Disputes concerning contracts, warranties, sale of goods, and other transactions arise between individuals or businesses that may require the help of an attorney to reach a resolution. Beaulac Law uses creativity and knowledge to help negotiate a successful resolution for its clients.

Sometimes negotiations fail and litigation is the last option. Beaulac Law will work to provide the best lawsuit initiation or defense including initial pleadings or response, discovery, mediation, and settlement or trial. Beaulac Law will discuss all your options so you will make informed decisions.

Attorney Beaulac can help you with...

Examples of civil disputes

  • Contracts: breach or enforcement. Contracts for employment, goods, or services may require dispute resolution when one party breaches or does not fulfill their promises.

  • Warranty disputes: disputes over products or services sold with a warranty or guarantee may require dispute resolution.

  • Fraud or misrepresentation claims: occur when someone misrepresents the quality or character of a good or service before purchase.

  • Business disputes: with suppliers, collections of accounts receivables, and other business transaction disputes.


Civil disputes arise in various contexts and circumstances, Attorney Beaulac will bring or defend civil actions on your behalf. You have options in these situations.

Please contact Attorney Beaulac for your consultation on your civil litigation matter.


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